Friday, January 23, 2009

The Center for Spiritual Living - Palm Desert is a positive faith community that honors all religions.

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Rev. Joe Hooper
Spiritual Director

“There’s an excitement in the air and it’s drawing more and more people to our Center and to our teaching…it’s fantastic!” After 20 years of asking passengers if they’d like, “chicken or beef”, Rev Joe landed at the Center for Spiritual Living – Palm Desert in 2003. “You really gain a different perspective about people when you’re confined in tube, traveling 500 miles per hour for hours at a time…it’s part of what drew me into the teaching….keeping my sanity and wanting even more out of my life!” “I’ve been fortunate to have had the best instructors in Science of Mind: teachers and mentors such as Dr. Tom Costa, Dr. Bill Taliaferro and Drs. Frank and Anita Richelieu.” Born, raised and christened in the Unity philosophy, Rev Joe was first introduced to Dr. Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind while he resided in Redondo Beach in 1995.This exposure turned out to be a pivotal moment in his life. Interested by what he heard and then personally demonstrated, he sought out more information about the Science of Mind and has spent the years since then concentrating on his spiritual development. “It’s about creating a spiritual experience and environment for personal growth and development for each member of our congregation. Ultimately, what we do at our Center changes the world, one person at a time.” And that’s exactly what he has done in Palm Desert. Rev Joe has effectively transitioned a 32-year legacy ministry and put together a team of highly motivated, spiritually trained leaders in every area of the Center. When asked about his personal philosophy, Joe responded, “I am committed to creating a Center that works for everyone, where no one is overlooked and each person has an opportunity to thrive. By applying the Principles of our teaching to our Center, I know we will clearly, methodically, and without exception demonstrate positive change in our world.” Rev. Joe has served on the International Centers for Spiritual Living Board of Directors, as the chair for the Policy and Bylaw Committee, and is currently Co-chairing the 2010 Chicago Summer Conference.